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The College is situated in Solapur city,a district place in Maharashtra State, India. This College was established in the year 1970 with the objective to prepare good ,trained teachers to serve various educational institutions.


Welcome to the Kasturbai College of Education , Solapur. This college is working under the management of Shri Aillak Pannalal Digambar Jain Pathashala which was established in the year 1885. Thus the Management has a long standing of 136 years and is working with the motto ‘Shikshan Hach Dharma’. At present three High School’s, Junior Colleges of Arts, Science and Commerce, Senior Colleges of Arts, Science and Commerce faculty,M.B.A. Department, M.S.W. Department, an Engineering College and Education College etc. Our Management is a Jain Minority Institute. Our college has been doing it ‘s duty piously, sincerely and honestly for the last 47 years. All the teachers, a teachers have achieved the Ph. D. Degree in education.

Most of them are contributing their experiences and knowledge to S. S.C. Exam. Board and Text Book Bureau. ,Maharashtra. The college is affiliated to N.C.T.E. and Solapur University,Solapur. We offer various courses in education Viz Balwadi Shikshan Prashikshan,D.Ed., B.Ed., M.Ed., School Management (DSM), M.Phil etc. The college has a separate research center for Ph.D. Work. About 38 students got the Ph. D. degree and 42 students have been awarded the M.Phil (Education) degree.

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The Vision and Mission of the institution:


Imparting Quality Education in Teacher Education which leads to
Inculcating national values,
Creative reconstruction of knowledge,
Acquire competencies and expertise in the field of education,
Inculcating research culture among the student teachers.


To mould pupil-teachers into rational thinkers, competent teachers and socially aware citizens

The goals and objectives of the institution:

The objectives are as indicated in the mission statement. Vision and Mission statements are made known to all the stakeholders and are displayed at the entrance.

  • To inculcate national values and goals among the student teachers.
  • To cultivate rational thinking and scientific temper among the student teachers.
  • To foster creative thinking among the students for reconstruction of knowledge.
  • To help student teachers to acquire competencies relevant to stage–specific pedagogy,curriculum development, its transaction and evaluation.
  • To help student teachers to make effective use of community resources as educational
  • To develop skills for guidance among the student teachers which will help the student teachers to be aware about diversity and inclusion.
  • To bring awareness among the student teachers about national and international issues such as environment, population, gender equality, ICT literacy.
  • To make student teachers competent in teaching, administration and leadership.
  • To make the student teachers competent to live in modern society and information age.
  • To promote student teachers for placement with the use of competencies and skills needed for becoming an effective teacher.

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Walk-in-Interview for various posts of Assistant Professor on Clock Hour Basis (CHB)

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AQAR  ( Annual Quality Assurance Report )

Self Appraisal Report 2016

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Tel: (0217) – 2651705, 

Fax: (0217) – 2651705

Email: kcesolapur@gmail.com

Website: www.kcebed.org





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