1. Information Communication Technology and Educational Technology Curricular Laboratory :

The Laboratory is well furnished and equipped.

I ) Intel P-IV multimedia 30 computers        

II ) Inkjet printer                                                                  

III ) Laser printers                             

IV ) Dot matrix printers                                                               

V ) Scanner                                                         

VI ) LCD                                                                       

VII ) All computers are connected in LAN.      

VIII ) Wi – Fi facility is available.

* The projected aids:

I) Over Head Projector                          

II) Slide Projector                                                                    

III) Epidiascope                                     


* Other Equipments :

I) Video camera                                    

II) Tape recorders                                                                     

III) Still photo lense camera               

IV) Still photo digital camera                                                       

V) Various Cassettes, CD's, VCD's ,DVD    

VI) Various Film strips Maps, Charts, Globes, Models ,etc.

2. Educational Psychology Curriculum Laboratory:

The Laboratory is well equipped with all types of  psychological tests and inventories, batteries etc.                          

*Some of the Psychology tests available :

I) Intelligence Test                                    

II) Adjustment Inventory                                                     

III) Teaching Aptitude Test Battery      

IV) Job satisfaction scale for Teachers                                  

V) Interest Inventory                              

VI) Creativity Test                                                                

VII) Study Habits Inventory                 

VIII) Concept Formation Test                                                 

IX) Personality Questionnaire

* Performance Tests :

 I) Intelligence Test 

II) Imagination Test

 3. Science and Mathematics Curricular Laboratory:

 The Laboratory is equipped with various Science apparatuses, Chemicals, models, charts, specimens etc.

 4. Social Science Curricular Laboratory:

 The Laboratory is well equipped with various teaching   aids and projected aids.


        The College has a spacious Library with a good number of book – collection. Our library is Partially automated with LIBMAN Library Management System Software. There are more than 20,000 books , different  periodicals, encyclopedia, and journals etc.

       Collection also includes DSM, M. Ed. (Regular), M. Ed. (YCMOU), M. Phil., Ph. D., dissertations. We also have a reading room with capacity of sixty students which is open throughout the day.

       The library is equipped with internet connection & sufficient number of computers and free access to internet for researchers & students.


* Total Books                     :25707

* Encyclopedia  (titles)      :22

* Buch Volumes                 :I st to VI th Survey of Research in Education.

* Annuals                           :09

* News Papers                  :08

* Periodicals & Journals   :32


Highlights :

 * There is separate Hostel facility for Boy's & Girls :

 1. Hostel is Well Equipped.

 2. Well furnished & spacious rooms with attached Toilets & Bathrooms.

 3. Peaceful atmosphere providing creative environment.

 4. Safe Drinking Water & Electricity Facility.

 5. Wi – Fi Facility.

 6. Twenty four hours hot water.

 7. Twenty four hours Guard.


  • Specious Vehicle Parking facility is available
  • Separate Vehicle parking facility is available for staff members and students.
  • The supervision of security guards facility is available.
  • Separate parking facility for cycles, two wheelers and four wheelers.
  • Parking facility is free for all students and faculty members.


  • Well furnished kitchen.
  • Well furnished seating arrangement for students in canteen.
  • Separate arrangement for staff in canteen.
  • Safe drinking water facility in canteen.
  • Capacity of 80 students at a time.
  •  Fresh food available.
  • Food quality checked by institution time to time.
  • In canteen snacks and lunch also available.