Vision 2020

Our Commitment for Vision 2020:

  1. Creating knowledgeable and Humane society.
  2. Developing Thinking Capabilities.
  3. Mutual Trust and Democratic sharing.
  4. Promoting Aiding and Co-ordinating Research and Innovative Activities in Education.
  5. Vacation courses for professional Development of Teachers.

VISION 2020 COMMITTEE:(2016-17)

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Prin Dr. S.S.Ganapur Chairperson
2 Shriman Trust Representative
3 Dr. B.G.Ahire Teaching Member
4 Shri A.J.Teke Teaching Member
5 Dr. A.K. Bondarde Teaching Member
6 Smt. Dr. A.M. Rangrej Teaching Member
7  Dr. B.S.Bhave Teaching Member
8 Shri A.B.Sangave Non-Teaching Member