Information about B.Ed. Course

(Affiliated to Solapur University, Solapur)

B. Ed. Admission Intake Capacity :- 50

1)Jain Minority – 25 Seats             2)Other Category (Govt. Seats) – 25 Seats

 Admissions & number of seats will be according to Maharashtra State Government norms.

The B.Ed. Course is of Two year :

* This course is of 2400 Marks .

* The examination for the degree of B.Ed. will be conducted only twice in one academic year.

* The Curriculum of Bachelor of Education :

(Theory course)

* The examination for the Bachelor of Education.

 1 ) Theory Course (800 Marks and 32 credits)  2 )  Practicum Course  (1500 Marks and 60 credits)

 3 ) Viva Voce  ( 100 Marks and 04 credits)

Basic Subjects :

Curricular Area A: Perspectives in Education

Semester I  :  Childhood and Growing up

Semester I : Contemporary India and Education 

Semester II  :  Learning and Teaching

Semester III  :  Knowledge and Curriculum Part I

Semester IV : Gender, school and Society 

Semester IV : Knowledge and Curriculum Part II 

Semester IV : Creating an Inclusive school 

Curricular Area B: Curriculum and pedagogy Studies

Semester I : Language Across the Curriculum

Semester I : Understanding Disciplines and subjects

Semester II : Assessment for Learning

Semester II : Pedagogy of the school subject One

Semester II : Pedagogy of the school subject Two

Curricular Area C: Engagement with the Field

 * Practice Lessons   * Social Service   * Enhancing Teaching Skills    * Tutorials 

 * Physical & Health Education   * Practical work related to theory papers

 * Enhancinf Professional Capacities (EPC)   * Practical work related to theory papers

* Internal Examination * Creativity & personality Development programme

* Internship of two weeks