Information about D.El.Ed. Course

(Affiliated to MS of Exams, Pune)

D. El.Ed. Admission Intake Capacity:- 100

1)Jain Minority – 51 Seats                                    2)Other Category (Govt. Seats) – 49 Seats

 Admissions & number of seats will be according to S. C. E .R.T.(Pune) & MaharashtraStateGovernment norms.

The D.El.Ed. Course is of two years:

* This course is of 2000 Marks with 1000 marks for each year including Theory & Practical:

* The Curriculum of Diploma in Teacher Education:

First Year (Theory course)

* The examination for the First Year of Diploma in Elementary Teacher Education.

 1 ) Theory Course (560 Marks)  2 )  Practicum Course  (440 Marks)

Basic Subjects :

Paper I- Indian Society and Primary Education.

Paper-II – Psychology of Learning and Teaching.

Paper III- Educational Evaluation.                            

Paper IV- Educational  Management.

School Subjects (Content-cum-Methodology):

Paper V- Mathematics.                                      

Paper VI – Work Education.

Paper VII – Physical Education.                      

 Paper VIII – First/ Regional Language. (Marathi)     

 Paper-IX – Second Language.(Hindi)

First Year (Practical Work) :        

 * Practice Lessons      * Social Service   *Arts      * Music

 * Physical Education    * Practical work related to theory papers

Second Year (Theory course) :

* The examination for the Second Year of Diploma in Teacher Education.

  1 ) Theory Course (480 Marks)  2 )  Practicum Course (520 Marks)

 Basic Subjects :

Paper I- Primary Education -Present Status, Problems and Remedies/Measures .

Paper-II – Information Communication Technology.  

Paper III- Action Research and Innovations.

School Subjects (Content-cum-Methodology) :

Paper IV- Third Language.         Paper-V – Science and Technology.

Paper VI- Environment / Social Study.                Paper VII – Health – Individual /School.

Paper VIII – Arts.                                                      Paper IX – Music.

Second Year (Practical Work) :

  * Practice Lessons                                           * School Experience Programme